1 St    CHRISTMAS  2003

Welcome to our home.......
.......come on in and chat for awhile!!!
Baby Deer                Ronnie
       CHRISTA       RJ
CHRISTA              RJ      RONNIE JOE 
 DAUGHTER            GRANDBABY              SON
      T.J.  on Graduation Night 2004
 He is walking all over and helping Papa get in to everything!   He is our Pride & Joy!
                                       Love You Rj !!!

     Family  &  Kennel

      Our second grandchild 
         Tyee Lee Richmond
  Uummmm...Papa's birthday,and Rj gets
        his own little 50cc 4-wheeler!!!???

Below are some pictures of the kennel
and other doggy related areas
      Inside Kennel and Outdoor Runs 
This is our in the house "Puppy Room" ......where you may here puppies barking from ;-)
                        This is the "Big Dog House"
  Each  run opens into our big back yard or we can let them into the 4 acre field.
   Our  Dobs  ,have all been trained by Scott, our trainer...and acouple have been working on personal protection also. 
 C.O.S.I. 2011
                     I just couldn't pass up doing some creative pictures !
                 TJ  &  Tyee                      *Splash Zone*                 TJ     &   Ronnie Joe
 Tyee     TJ          Erin     Christa                                            
RJ    Tyee    Christa                                          Christa                       Erin
Christa        RJ     Ronnie Joe
RJ Graduation From Tolles
Tyee                        RJ
    I love taking just sharing ;-)
All my Grandbabies 2024