First thing we should cover is..if you are looking for CHEAP.......
we are not the place to be looking. We try very hard to stay at a reasonable price so that you may  enjoy one of our puppies.  But we will not cut the care of our dogs to try to meet the lowest price in the papers or else where just to make a sale. 
       There are basic price ranges..and then you have some others things that can make the prices change depending on the breed....size,color, pedigrees,* breeding  or *pet, and sometimes just because the breed is not over bred, and harder to find. 
      We may be a larger kennel..but we breed for quality ,tempermat and health...and the health and happiness for our dogs is utmost importance

                    *****NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS*******

       With so many inquiries on certain puppies,and some people not following through on sending deposits **** WE WILL NOT hold puppies without your Non-Refundable deposit ...which is $200 to $500. We accept Paypal for non refundable deposits , Money Grams and Western Union..or your welcome to place it in person. REMINDER :Puppy is NOT ON HOLD until deposit is made.

       ALL DEPOSITS are NON-REFUNDABLE unless something unforeseen (death or hurt)should happen to the puppy  while still in our care, your deposit will be refunded. *We reserve the right  not to sell or to terminate a deposit, at such time all deposits will be returned, unless it is buyers fault and payments have not been made on time.


     NON- REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS will hold the puppy until 8 weeks old if not weaned. Full payment and shipping cost must be paid  on or before 8 weeks old  ( Unless other arrangements have been agreed upon between both parties and is in writing) A Non -Refundable deposit will hold a weaned puppy for up to one week for you to make arrangements to pick him/her up if the deposit has been placed not in person.

 I want to make my customers happy, but my first responsibility is to my puppies.

**Checks can be used for deposits as long as they have time to clear before the puppy will be picked up or shipped.*Note: No puppy is on hold until the check is in my hands.

    If  your puppy is not paid in full (including shipping) or  agreed arrangements to be picked up by 9 weeks old, your non refundable deposit will be  lost , and the puppy will go back up for sale.

   Due to the NEW USA laws ANYONE with 5 or more dogs is NOT ALLOWED to ship PETS that have NOT been seen in person by the client UNLESS they give or hire someone to stand in for them or are USDA Lic. Kennel. We have a number you may contact for a USAD Lic .Transport Pet Nanny, if you hire her she will fly into Columbus International and I will meet her at the airport and give her the puppy to hand deliver to you at the airport you both have agreed on. (Puppy mus be paid in full before shipping, and her price are the same I charge to ship ) Or if you would like to place a non refundable deposit and fly into Columbus International Airport I will meet you there, and the balance for the puppy will be due in cash at that time.  NO EXCEPTIONS!                                                                                 

​You are MORE than welcome to come and pick up your puppy here and we urge you to do since many will not let you come to their home to avoid you from seeing the condition your puppy has came from.
                      Delta             1-888-736-3738
                      N. West         1-800-692-2746
                     Air Canada   1-888-247-2262  
                     United Air    1-800-575-3335 

       * ALL puppies able to ship, must be paid in full before shipping...

       * When shipping to breeders (unless you are using the Pet Nanny)we will make all the flight arrangements here and confirm them with you.

                           ****PICKING UP YOUR PUPPY***** 

       *If you are picking up your puppy , WE ONLY ACCEPT CASH at the time of pick up.

         ***NO ....... CHECKS WHEN PICKING UP YOUR PUPPY****

 ****We Accept Major Credit  Cards through Paypal for Non Refundable Deposits Only**

The balance needs to be payed with  Money Order, Bank Wire, Money Gram (WalMart) Western Union if shipping your puppy by 8 wks old.

                                                Kim Richmond
                                       395 Old State Route 56 NW
                                            London,Ohio 43140  

  Call me!   740-852-2793
  Cell          740-837-6550

***We do not guarantee size or color of puppies as adults or show and breeding ability***
 (We can only estimate...and give parents size & colors)

Price * Non Refundable Deposits * Shipping
              *Picking Up Your Puppy
There is a $20 a day boarding fee if puppy is not picked up or shipping paid for by 8 wks old ......unless other arrangements have been made in writing.

No Papers, Limited Papers, Full   AKC or CKC  Price________
Date_______Gave Papers___Will Send when received________
**Papers for puppies sold with limited AKC will be provided once proof of spay/neut.
*Buyer is supplied a Health Record at the time of sale. It is your responsibility to keep this care updated for the health of your puppy.

*This animal is in good health to the best of my knowledge at the time of sale. The buyer has 48 hours to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian, and is urged to do so. **If shipping you will recieve a health certificate instead.

*Seller warrants this puppy up to a year old for untreatable life threatening genetic problems. 
The seller will replace the puppy with one of equal value as soon as one becomes available. (This does not cover worms, ear mites, fleas, kennel cough, coccidia and etc. We are aware of these common problems and take measures to keep them a bay)
*If your vet feels the puppy is to be replaced by the warranty above, then the buyer shall provide all information requested from breeder and breeders vet.
*If our vet's come to the same conclusion, then the puppy will need to be returned withing 7 days of the vet's findings, and returned well taken care of and at the buyers expense and including all shots, reg records , etc.

*If puppy is not checked in 48 hours from purchase date, the buyer will void their warranty unless breeder has signed off for an extended time.

*Breeder  can not guarantee size , color or show quality when grown. If puppy is bought with Full AKC reg, it is to have the Prefix of "Richmonds" on the AKC papers name. If bought as pet and found to be bred, there is a $2000 penalty.

If agreements as stated in this contract are not kept by buyer, the seller/breeder will proceed to file in court, and court fee's and any other legal matters will be added. ALL legal matters will be conducted in the County of Madison, in the Sate of Ohio

*It is further understood and agreed that no other warranty or representation has been made with respect the the puppy, except as set forth in writting in this agreement.