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* True Blue means ....that the puppy is born a blue , which may consist of many shades including pale sky blue to darker shades of gray. Nose and paws pads will also be in these shades of blue, NO black noses or paw pads! Eye color will also be an hazel, greenish color and possible blue. And just like the shih tzu is known for, they can turn many other colors from birth on, including apricot  and etc.and many times back to the original color they were born. BUT they will always keep the blue nose and pads.
      You can read more on this color in 
             "The Complete Shih Tzu" 
                    by  Victor Joris
 ^ Chocolate is actually a liver. Livers come in many shades and breeders have labeled them to help understand the colors
Nose will always be liver (varies is shade also), NO black noses!  Eyes will be hazel, greenish color. And just like the shih tzu is known for, they can turn many shades of liver.
BUT they will always keep the nose and eye color.

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  *We are not a Petshop , our dogs/puppies are not kept on display in cages for you to drop by anytime to see. They romp, play  inside and out depending on the weather.
   We show puppies by appointment  only. This way they will be freshly bathed and all you have to do is take them home and love on them .
A days advance for  an appointment is best, but sometimes, depending  on what is already scheduled, we may be able to get you in later in the same day if you call early in the morning.

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    I breed for Flat faces, compact bodies with LOTS of hair coat and sweet, happy go lucky personalities with good health.We are located in London,Ohio which is close to Columbus,Ohio.

    Price may go up when evaluated at an older age unless deposits have been placed

     *ON HOLD  means somone has placed a deposit to hold the puppy until ready to go

 DOB means Litter Date Of Birth

AKC registered     LIMITED means you will get papers, but for a pet only. 

FULL means you get papers and you may breed /show. (We DO NOT GUARANTEE FOR BREEDING OR SHOW) 
***** I estimate size from past litters....If you want a exact size, my advice would to be buy and older dog, so you know for sure ;-)*****

STANDARD means 9-16 lbs***this is for show size***

SMALL STANDARD means usually 9-10 lbs

IMPERIAL means 8 lbs and under.
The Blues and Chocolate were born here
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  We can Micro Chip and Register the chip in your name for just $40 !
This little girl is a Tashi & Joey Puppy
    740-852-2793           or       740-837-6550

                   Parents are
  Champion                       Blossom
Misty Da Ju Vue             CH. Lines
You Can't Touch This       11 lbs
 (Ch Dreamy) 13 lbs
              litter DOB 1/15/18
                8 wks old  3/12/18
                 est 11-13 lbs

                          Parents are
Fortune Cookie       &         Jaycee
 Choco & White              Red/White
  10 lbs                               10 lbs
           litter DOB 1/24/18
            8 wks old  3/21/18
             est 9-11 lbs
Red & White Black Markings boy.....$1200 limited AKC, Full AKC is more.
Richmond Kennel
        Shih Tzu
                  Parents are
         Joey         &       Cicada
        8 lbs                      8 bs
           litter DOB 2/6/18
            8 wks old  4/3/1
       Past puppies 5 to 8 lbs

Red Gold & white w/blk markings boy.........$1200 limited AKC, Full AKC is more
               Parents are
      Suki       and              Amber
       8 lbs                            9 lbs
           litter DOB 2/22/18
            8 wks  4/19/18
          Past puppies 7- 9 lbs
Gold Black & white boy #1............$1200 limited AKC , Full AKC is more****SOLD
Red black & white Boy #2...........$1200 limited AKC, Full AKC is more
                  Parents are
    Chevy         and                 Briley
Ch. lines
               DOB 2/25/18
                 8 wks old 4/22/18
                    est   9-11 lbs
Red and white boy.....................$1200 limited AKC, full AKC is more.
                       Parents are
           Si              and               Gigi
                                             Ch. sired
                  litter DOB 3/8/18
                  8 wks old 5/3/18
                   est    8 -10 lbs
Red with black mask girl....$1200 limited AKC....Full AKC is more. 
Red Gold with black mask girl....$1200 limited AKC.....Full AKC is more.***ON HOLD
                    Parents are
    Mickey        and             Soda
 Ch Sired             
             litter DOB 3/17/18
              8 wks old 5/12/18
                est        7-9 lbs
Red black and white boy........$1200 limited AKC, Full AKC is more.
Cream and white boy........$1200 limited AKC, Full AKC is more.****ON HOLD
Liver boy.....$1200 limited AKC...Full AKC is more.****SOLD
We have 2 new litters...pics soon!
         Only 1 girl